The Forum on Law of Identity and Personal Data

(aka "Legal Forum" or "ID-Legal")

This year, the Legal Forum was launched at spring IIW in Mountain View, CA and formally chartered by unanimous support of the ID Commons Stewards this summer.  The Legal Forum is a working group of ID Commons, Inc.  

Leadership and Charter:

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Autonomous Councils for Rapid Innovation at the Business and Legal Layers 

Purpose and Overview:

The Purpose of the Legal Work Group is to promote information sharing, best practices, innovation and knowledge generation related to identity or personal data and the law. However, the group shall not engage in the practice of law directly. The activities of the group are intended to increase opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the creation of cross-domain or interdisciplinary approaches to identity and personal data systems or services.

To that end, interplay and collaboration among and between legal, business and technical communities involved in innovating systems or services related to identity will be encouraged by this group. The group may elect to collaborate with bar associations or other organizations on events or projects, in accordance with applicable requirements and policies of the ID Commons.

Please feel free to reach out directly to the Legal Forum's chair, Dazza Greenwood, with with any questions for comments about our group.