IIW 16 is May 7-9

The next Internet Identity Workshop is coming up May7-9 in Mountain View California.

 It is the best place to connect to all the groups doing work on user-centric digital identity, personal clouds, vendor relationship managment and many other topics that all grew out of user-centric digital identity. 

You can see the information on:


Dialogue re: NSTIC – July 13th

The Whitehouse and DHS have recently promulgated the National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cyberspace (NSTIC) in late June, and public comments are due by July 19th.  The NSTIC outlines an ambitious identity management strategy for the United States, but public discussion has been extremely limited.  The NSTIC is a very significant and policy document which is may have an impact on internet commerce, online speech, identity management, identity trust frameworks, and online anonymity.

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Community Cannon: Laws of Identity

The Laws of Identity developed by Kim Cameron are shown here in bullet point form with links to greater depth in the paper about the laws.  These were developed collaboration with the community and involved dozens of people's ideas are incorporated (see their names below).  They were first published serially in the winter of 2005 on Kim's blog and serve as one of the core foundations of the identity communities thinking.

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