Identity Gang

The Identity Gang is the founding “core” of the IdCommons Community

The Identity Gang wiki is here.

To really get to known the community join the mailing list.

The original community mailing list archives are here.

Early work involved developing the Lexicon for the community.

Join the gang at the Internet Identity Workshop (also an Whenever you require composing help you start out seeking dependable essay writer service call us today we have been the final alternative for students who want a combination of perfect excellent papers and friendly costs

rel=”noopener”>IC work group)

The Identity Gang formed in 2004, evolving from a mailing list, a podcast, and meetings at conferences to the leading industry event in user-centric identity – The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW).  III is the binannual main community face-to-face event.  Typically held in Mountain View, California in the spring and fall of each year, its attendance has grown over the years and is now regularly attracting about 200 attendees. Many community projects are working groups of Identity Commons – a very diverse and inclusive industry coordinating body. The stewards of Identity Commons meet monthly for a teleconference that is open to anyone – it is like a mini-Internet Identity Workshop updating community activity.

The Identity Commons Steward for the Identity Gang  is Paul Trevithick.