The next IIW event is coming up October 22-24 in Mountain View California. 

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We support face to face conversation about internet-wide digital identity and it’s implications. User-centric identity has been a topic of particular interest. This twice a year event aims to support the whole marketplace, especially individuals contributing their voice in open inclusive conversation. These events have a reputation of being incredibly effective for getting real work done and moving the industry forward.

The IIW Charter

The Identity Commons Steward for IIW is Kaliya Hamlin, Alternate Phil Windley.


  • We support the community of people interested in digital identity coming together and meeting.
  • We use highly participatory processes for our meetings.
  • We partner with other events, organizations and companies to support open meetings around emerging topics in digital identity. The brand we use for these co-produced events is Identity Open Space.
  • Workshops are financially self-sustaining through user fees for event attendance and sponsorships.