Community Cannon: Laws of Identity

The Laws of Identity developed by Kim Cameron are shown here in bullet point form with links to greater depth in the paper about the laws.  These were developed collaboration with the community and involved dozens of people's ideas are incorporated (see their names below).  They were first published serially in the winter of 2005 on Kim's blog and serve as one of the core foundations of the identity communities thinking.

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The original identity gang

I vividly remember the first time the identity gang met – it was in at Digital Identity World in October of 2004.  I had met Doc Searls in August at Linux world and shared about the work that Owen Davis, Drummond Reed, Bill Washburn and others were doing trying open standards for individuals.  The meeting attracted many people who were interested in this new way of thinking about how individuals could have portable autonomous identity. It lead to the mailing list – and the identity gang podcast on the Gilmor Gang Show January 31st.

From there we met at other conferences including PCForum and the Burton Group.  Doc encouraged many of the community to begin blogging.  We had the first Internet Identity Workshop in 2005 and the 2nd Identity Gang Podcast on January 30th 2005.