Internet Identity Workshop

Internet Identity Workshop

Mountain View California

Oct 22-24, 2013

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What is IIW about? We focus on a range of issues related to “user-centric identity” and “personal data” online and in digital networks of all kinds. People coming to the workshop are keen to proactively address the:

Technical challenges –  developing and more importantly implementing open standards
Legal challenges – with a core group of policy and legal talent gathering to develop new paradigms and trust frameworks.
Social challenges –  considering technologies, tools and services that are being developed will impact social interactions.
Usability challenges – How are user interfaces created so that people can navigate different identities and understand their data?
Business model challenges – How can we create a thriving network of businesses and services that are in alignment with the end users interests and needs?
Interoperability challenges  – How do we follow and share with our friends and businesses when we are on different platforms? – How can credentials created by one organization be used by another company?
Device, server, cloud challenges – Where is the right place to host data? and services and how do they work with the whole range of places and devices?

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