New Approaches for Transaction-based Assurance

Oct 11 2011 Published by under Identity, Internet Identity Workshop Mary Ruddy

As more organizations look to implement systems that require authentication at higher levels of assurance, there has been increased interest in transaction-based assurance.

Recently OASIS launched the Electronic Identity Credential Trust Elevation Methods (Trust Elevation) Technical Committee The initial deliverable is a comprehensive list of current methods to authenticate identities online to the degree necessary for high value and sensitive transactions. This is expected to be a key input to new real world solutions that use a step-up approach to multi-factor authentication. 

Now AT&T has come out with Personal Levels of Assurance (PLOA), a white paper that introduces a new approach for determining transaction-based assurance.PLOA White Paper – v1.01

I'm looking forward to discussing this and other topics next week at IIW in Mountain View.




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