IIW-Satellite DC, January 17th

Theme: Leveraging Open Identity and Personal Data

Hosted at the NIH Campus, Bethesda MD, Natcher Building
The Natcher Building is on the Red Line – Medical Center stop.  The NIH Visitor Center is right off the escalator and Natcher Building/Conference Center  is right next  to the Visitor Center.


The main IIW conference convenes semi-annually in California with a focus on user-centric digital identity facilitating cross industry collaboration between large and small companies and across all major standards organizations and between various industries.

The community is engaged in solving the technical challenges of how people can manage their own identity and data across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations that they belong to, purchase from and participate with. We also work on trying to address social and legal issues that arise with these new tools and innovation in business models for a healthy overall ecosystem.

The event is unique because the agenda is created live the day of the event. As people register solicit ideas for sessions and post them on a wiki. You can also see who has registered listed on the registration site.  You can also see the book of proceedings from the last Satellite in DC, ID Collaboration Day IIW12 [link] & IIW13 [link]

The 13th IIW held this past October was the largest thus far with over 300 in attendance.  It included two day’s of focus one around NSTIC (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace) and the other called Yukon (You-Con) around people and their data, in particular the business opportunities that emerge around this.

We host Satellite events in various locations to supplement our main semi-annual event. In the fall of 2010 we hosted an IIW in DC and London.  We are returning to DC this January because of repeated community requests to do so. You should also be aware we co-produce ID Collaboration Day on the Monday Prior to RSA in San Francisco.

People who should attend this event include:

  • Systems Developers from Financial Services and Healthcare Sectors
  • Telecommunications Company Representatives
  • Academics in the Social Sciences
  • Privacy officers
  • Government Personnel involved in Information Systems Development and Procurement
  • Individuals involved in developing Policy Practices and Procedures for Identity Management and Security Plans
  • Individuals issuing and managing Identity Credentials for Federal Employees and their Contractors
  • Individuals responsible for architecting and implementing technology solutions to federate identity for policy development for implementation
  • Individuals responsible for policy development and implementation
  • Privacy and Security Architects
  • American Bar Association people
  • HR Manages from any Sector
  • Application Architects
  • Research Scientists
  • Identity Evangelists
  • ID Program Managers
  • User Experience Designers
  • Social Web Engineers
  • Tech Program Managers and Product Planners
  • Identity Solution Provicers
  • Open Web Advocates
  • Analysts
  • Hackers

More About IIW

Unlike other identity conferences, IIW’s focus is on the use of identity management approaches based on open standards that are privacy protecting. It is a unique blend of technology and policy discussions where everyone from a diverse range of projects doing the real-work of making this vision happen, gather and work intensively. It is the best place to meet and participate with all the key people and projects going on in the field.

The event has a unique format – the agenda is created live the day of the event.  This allows for the discussion of key issues, projects and a lot of interactive opportunities with key industry leaders. You can see the growing list of who is attending at the bottom of this announcement.

How does it work?

After the brief introduction on the first day, there are no formal presentations, no keynotes and no panels. After introductions we start with a blank wall and, in less than an hour, with a facilitator guiding the process attendees create a full day, multi-track conference agenda that is relevant and inspiring to everyone there. All are welcome to put forward presentations and propose conversations.

We do this in part because the field is moving so rapidly that it doesn’t make sense to predetermine the presentation schedule months before the event. We do know great people who will be there and it is the attendees who have a passion to learn and contribute to the event that will make it.

The event compiles a book of proceedings with all the notes from the conference.  Here are the proceedings from the previous Satellite in DC, ID Collaboration Dayv, IIW13, IIW12, IIW11, IIW10…and more from here. BTW these three documents are your key to convincing your employer that this event will be valuable.

Conference fee covers all meeting meals – lunch dinner and dinner Tuesday evening.

Government Employees or Corporate Employees- please let us know if you need any additional information in order to register and attend!

We look forward to seeing you in January!

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