Identity Commons Stewards Call: April 7th

Identity Commons Stewards meet on a conference call the first Wednesday of every month at 9:15 Pacific/12:15 Eastern.  It is a public all open to all.  Most of each call involves groups sharing their work in the last month and upcoming activities.

Here are the updates from community groups from our April 7th meeting.

  • Project VRM
    • Emancipay app accepted for public radio contributions
    • VRM meeting in London this week – Doc is there
  • OSIS
    • Participated at RSA and was the "organizer" of the official OASIS interop
    • Next interop is planned for Catalyst but it is not announced yet.
  • OpenID
    • Rescope of mission to be more inclusive of a solutions approach and structural change.
    • Started work on what will become OpenID vNext, and officially formed several work groups in the OpenID Foundation. The results are all up on the wiki and all the presentations.
  • User-centric Health
    • Has been quiet. Mike has personally been participating in several other group efforts: California HIE and recently in two Kantara initiatives, WGA identity assurance framework and the group Joe runs. User centric heath conjurs-up the idea of a user channeling how to get information. Have been focusing on participating in a couple of the federal groups. The two biggest things are the end to end direct and interop between states and entities. Judy Clark made some of us aware of it. I’m working on use cases Brian Belendorf. is one of the leaders of that group.
    • There will be a Health Camp on October 6th
  • Privacy Commonsnot an official IC working group Aaron has joined calls for several months and was invited to share what his group is up to
    • The group aiming to launch new version of website in a month or two. Whole idea is make privacy policy’s more useful. Current approach is either corporate or data centric. Both assume that data is property of a sort. We want to analyze privacy policies from a user centric perspective. Data equals self. Privacy policy talks about discrete data, but people care about core privacy values. If self is data and data is property, then self may become property. We are asking “What do people care about privacy?” It is like copyright work done at Creative Commons. These deal with violations of confidentiality, trust, etc. For example, based on my interactions with you, what determinations will others make that may effect my reputation or solitude, etc. We are identifying common cultural notions about what people care about privacy.
  • Information Card Foundation
    • About half of Drummond’s energy is being contributed to OIX. He has been working with Ely Kahn, the White House Cyber security director on the National strategy for Secure Online transactions (NS-SOT). It was on federal radio on Monday. A new national trust framework is being announced in the Sep timeframe with Obama signing it. The other thing is the interop. Mary already talked about that.
  • Data Portability
    • Elias did the Startup Bus where people get on a Bus and in 800 miles design, build and launch a startup. He said that they had to be a part of this create a portability pledge and that they used what is being finalized – that is 9 questions startups answer
  • Higgins Project
    • Client Software for unix, apple, windows, iPhone and Android
    • Working on Blind Store for Personal Data Store where only people have the key
  • Internet Identity Workshop
    • IIW is May 17-19. We are starting at 9:00 AM on Monday morning. We will do 5 sessions a day for 3 says. There are15 sessions in total. We will have dinner Monday and Tuesday night as per usual. There is only one hour of introductory talk. I wanted to get your thoughts on how to be comprehensive without over whelming. I want to talk about this next. Also there will be demos for an hour after lunch. On Wednesday we will probably end at 4:00. Not sure when we will end. Currently the agenda says 5:00.

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