Rethinking Identity on the Evolving Web

When I first saw this video I cried at the end because the closing lines remind us the web as it has evolved is making us re-think everything including identity.

It uses the internet archive and text to narrate how the web has evolved from static pages with links to people generated content

These are the lines it closes with.

Digital text is no longer just linking information…

The web is connecting people sharing, trading, collaborating

We need to rethink a few things… copyright, authorship, identity, ethics, asthetics, retorics, governance,  privacy, commerce, love, family, ourselves.

It is the space for this “rethinking” that Identity Commons is meant to support. It is not something that can be figured out by corporations for corporations it must be a wholistic dialogue inclusive of a range of perspectives including the most important actor – the people themselves the end-user.

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