ID-Collaboration Day, February 27th – Pre-RSA


ID Collaboration Day again will be held the day before RSA in San Francisco at  Blacklight Ventures, 1543 Misson St.

It is co-produced by IIW/IDcommons, OASIS IDTrust, and the Kantara Intiative.

Registration is now open. Click here.

Organized simialrly to the Internet Identity Workshop, the agenda for sessions is created live the day of the event. We are expecting a range of attendees from various communities focused on a diversity of Identity technologies and approaches. Ideas for session topics are also gathered as attendees register and they will be shared online leading up to the event. 

This is an opportunity for members working on things related to NSTIC, as well as working groups from a range of groups including: Kantara Intitative, Identity Commons, OASIS IDTrust, OIX, OpenID, W3C, IETF and others.

You can register on the mailing list at IIW-Announcement Updates for further information and updates.